Phishing Simulation

Phishing Simulation

You can test the sensitivity of your employees using our phishing simulator. With it, you generate and send benign email phishings that correspond to the latest attack techniques. This way, you can track your employees' response with advanced reporting tools and hold appropriate security awareness training sessions.

With BEC, you can simulate attacks to pinpoint the weak links in your organization. BEC stands for Business Email Compromise. This refers to the compromisability of a business email, which is used to determine the threat level.

You have over 1000 phishing email templates with advanced attack scenarios, landing pages, forms and macro files in multiple languages at your disposal. Regularly they are updated and adapted to the novelty.

The phishing simulator can be integrated into already existing learning management systems and based on this an automatism can be set up so that phishing campaigns are generated by themselves at regular intervals.  

Within minutes, you can create custom emails, landing pages, or phishing scenarios to test the sensitivity of your employees.

Security solutions

Security solutions

Secure your IT infrastructure with proactive threat hunting.
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Career service

Career service

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