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CS VISOR represents a multifaceted approach as an institute for continuing education in cybersecurity, as a staffing service provider for recruiting ITSec professionals, and as a service provider for companies to manage and secure their IT infrastructure.

  • Academy for cybersecurity with job and career coaching:
    We support prospective students in career planning and professionally prepare them for cybersecurity professions after selection processes. With Cybersecurity Analyst Immersion and Apprenticeship Program, course participants can develop a security strategy and identify risks and threats at an early stage. Modern technologies and security solutions are applied. Some of them are: Splunk, IBM QRadar, CrowdStrike, SentinelOne, FortiGate, DNSSense, Proofpoint, etc.
  • Career Services with Recruitment:
    We help companies and organizations find the best candidates to fill cybersecurity IT positions.

  • Security Services for your cyber security:
    Together with our strategic partners worldwide, we offer a comprehensive service in information security. Here, a strategy against cyber threats is defined.
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of companies were affected by cyber attacks.
billion euros in damage from cyber attacks
There is a lack of specialists in cyber security
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Our mission statement

CS VISOR specializes in cybersecurity as a security solutions company and a modern, sponsored education provider/ training center.


Our vision is to be one of the world's leading providers of cybersecurity solutions and to offer our customers the highest level of security.


We have set ourselves a multi-layered mission, ranging from the novelty of corresponding innovative cybersecurity solutions for companies, to training measures sponsored by employment agencies and job centers, to the placement of our successful graduates.


we uphold throughout our mission journey.


Our work is based on the positive image of man with the corresponding positive ideas of learning and work, which understands gainful employment as an individual contribution to the community and thus as part of personal self-realization.


We see ourselves as a non-partisan, non-political as well as denominationally and ideologically neutral service provider.


We are committed to the highest quality standards and always strive for excellence to ensure that our customers are satisfied with our products and services.


We are committed to the highest ethical standards and always act transparently and responsibly to earn and maintain the trust of our customers.


Protect businesses from cyber threats:


We aim to constantly deliver innovative cybersecurity solutions and pride ourselves on being innovation drivers in the industry. We are committed to making our customers feel secure in the digital world, and in doing so, we are always driving novelty.

Employee focus

We foster an open and collaborative culture of innovation and creative problem solving, providing our employees with an inspiring work environment and training and development opportunities to realize their full potential and ensure they can best serve our customers.

Customer Satisfaction

We listen to our customers and want to provide the best possible experience for our customers so that their requirements and expectations are met. We develop innovative solutions for our customers that are tailored to their individual needs.


Train job and career candidates to become safety experts:


We are committed to ensuring that job seekers or those interested in a career receive the best possible support to achieve their career goals. We always act transparently and responsibly, ensuring that job seekers in particular experience our support in a trusting and empathetic manner. 


We are committed to providing job seekers with sustainable career solutions that offer long-term fulfillment and career opportunities. We help them fully utilize their talents and skills to build a successful career in cybersecurity. We view job seekers as our primary constituency and provide them with a qualified educational experience that enables them to integrate into the job market in a sustainable manner.


We regularly survey our customers and participants to continuously improve our services and incorporate these findings into our further development.

Labor Market Analysis

We always keep an eye on the labor market and focus on the needs in cybersecurity. The following points are among our core tasks:

  1. Analysis of the labor market
  2. Determination of customer needs
  3. Conception and implementation of successful and economic measures
  4. Evaluation and further development of the range of measures
  5. Consideration of work-life balance when approving employment assistance.

Present desired candidates:


We identify successful and committed graduates. In doing so, we place particular emphasis on adhering to ethical and legal standards and promoting diversity and inclusion.

Our goal is to help companies and organizations protect their digital systems and processes against potential threats, thus creating trust and security. We see ourselves as a reliable partner and are committed to ensuring that our customers are always staffed with the best professionals.

In doing so, we make sure that our candidates not only have professional skills, but also social and communication skills that are essential for successful collaboration in teams and with customers. We support our candidates in identifying and developing their strengths in order to achieve their career goals.

Our commitment to cybersecurity goes beyond the placement of skilled workers. We also promote further education and the exchange of knowledge and experience in the industry in order to always be at the cutting edge of technology and methods. We are committed to open and transparent communication with our clients and candidates to ensure a long-term and successful working relationship.

Communication and review of the mission statement

The mission statement was defined by the management and is binding for all employees. Our mission statement is available to all interested parties, is reviewed regularly and adapted as necessary. The review takes place at least once a year.

Our technologies


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CS VISOR has specialized as a company for security solutions and as a modern educational institution in cyber security. Our mission ranges from the novelty of innovative cyber security solutions for companies to further training measures funded by employment agencies and job centers to the recruitment of our successful graduates.

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