Hands On - SOC Experience

Course module

Hands on – SOC Experience

Application of the security tools in the real Security Operations Center

A Security Operations Center (SOC) is at the center of all security-related issues in the IT infrastructure of any company. In a SOC, incoming and outgoing network protocols are monitored, threats are detected at an early stage and eliminated by the security team.

You will have the opportunity to use the security tools as part of the CS VISOR-SOC team to better understand their interrelationships in the network. You will be trained and guided by qualified instructors and mentors.

  • Linux 101
  • Network Security
  • Vulnerability Analysis
  • Penetration Testing
  • Email Security
  • Phishing Analysis
  • Security Operations
  • Analysis and Detection of the logs
  • Packet Analysis
  • Proactive Threat Hunting
  • SIEM and EDR tools
  • Security in the Cloud
  • System and Host Security
  • Forensic Analysis

Course duration

33 weeks - 49 weeks

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