Penetration Testing

Penetration testing

CS VISOR simulates real attacks to identify and exploit vulnerabilities in network systems and gain access. This puts the effectiveness of implemented security controls to the test.

What is a penetration test?

Also referred to as a PenTest, it involves a simulated cyberattack on your networks or systems to uncover exploitable vulnerabilities. Penetration testing serves as a proactive measure, detecting potential weaknesses before malicious actors can exploit them. CS VISOR incorporates penetration testing as a complement to a web application firewall (WAF), among other strategies. Our efforts focus on penetrating APIs and frontend/backend servers to unveil vulnerabilities.

How does CS VISOR perform penetration testing?

CS VISOR's penetration testing is meticulously executed through a well-defined process comprising five to seven phases:

1. Preparation: Before commencing the penetration test, CS VISOR establishes clear objectives and requirements. We formalize an agreement with our clients, delineating the rights and obligations of both parties.

2. Reconnaissance: CS VISOR gathers extensive information about the target system or application to pinpoint potential vulnerabilities. This process involves utilizing both publicly accessible data and specialized tools and techniques for information gathering.

3. Vulnerability Detection: Following data collection, CS VISOR conducts a comprehensive vulnerability analysis to uncover potential weaknesses. Our arsenal includes various tools and techniques:

  • Vulnerability scanners (e.g., Nessus/OpenVAS)
  • Man-in-the-middle attacks (e.g., sniffing tools)
  • Exploits (e.g., Metasploit/Burp Suite)

4. Execution: The CS VISOR PenTest team endeavors to exploit identified vulnerabilities, penetrating the target system or application. Techniques employed encompass:

  • Brute force attacks (e.g., John the Ripper/Hashcat)
  • Social engineering (e.g., phishing/vishing simulations)
  • SQL injection (e.g., SQLMap)

5. Privilege Escalation: Once initial access is achieved, the CS VISOR PenTest team seeks to elevate privileges, facilitating the identification and exploitation of further vulnerabilities.

6. Maintaining Access: During this phase, the CS VISOR PenTest team strives to maintain access to the system, uncovering and exploiting additional vulnerabilities.

7. Documentation and Reporting: Upon concluding the penetration test, CS VISOR generates a comprehensive report that encompasses identified vulnerabilities and offers recommendations for remediation. This report is presented to your organization, serving as a valuable tool for enhancing the security posture of your system.

Penetration testing conducted by the CS VISOR PenTest team enhances your security measures and proactively unveils vulnerabilities before they can be exploited by malicious actors.

Security solutions

Security solutions

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