IT Terminology for Cybersecurity

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IT Terminology for cybersecurity

Cybersecurity is the protection of critical systems and sensitive information from digital attacks. Also referred to as IT security, cybersecurity is used to combat both internal and external threats to networked systems and applications. The term encompasses a variety of security measures, technologies and practices developed to combat threats from the digital world.

One of the fundamental concepts in cybersecurity is the CIA triad, also known as the CIA model or CIA security triangle. The CIA triad stands for:

  • Confidentiality:
    This refers to the protection of information from unauthorized access, so that confidential information should only be read or edited by authorized persons.
  • Integrity:
    This refers to the protection of information against unauthorized modification or manipulation. Integrity ensures that information remains accurate and complete and is protected from tampering.
  • Availability:
    This refers to ensuring that information and resources are available at all times and in all places. The availability of data and systems is crucial for the operation of organizations.

The CIA triad forms the basis for many security concepts in cybersecurity. By applying these principles, organizations can ensure that their information is safe and secure and that their IT systems are reliable and available.

Our lecturers and trainers are experts at native-speaker level with qualifications and experience at the highest level. They have strong pedagogical skills and use the latest teaching methods and techniques. You will gain initial insights into cybersecurity, its frameworks and standards.

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