Cybersecurity Analyst - All-Around


Cybersecurity Analyst - All-Around with Job Training

Measure Modul 1:

Dual continuing education to become a Cybersecurity Analyst (full-time, 33 weeks). Language Support Module: End-to-end, cross-module language support on IT and Cybersecurity.

Module 1: IT Terminology for Cybersecurity

Basic and technical Cybersecurity terms are introduced.

Module 2: IT-Fundamentals+

Basics of IT are described in detail.

Module 3: Network+

Interrelationships in the network and the relationship to Cybersecurity will be presented using different tools.

Module 4: Security+

Cybersecurity topics are covered in 11 chapters. Classroom sessions are led by qualified and experienced subject matter experts. The "S0Y-601 Study Guide" written by Darril Gibson is used as a companion book.

Module completion: CompTIA Security+ S0Y-601 certification and Splunk 1001 certification

Module 5: Hands On

Application of security tools in a real Security Operations Center with state-of-the-art security solutions from SIEM, EDR, NGFW (+IDS/IPS), Email Security, OSINT tools.

Module 6: ISO 27001 Fundamentals - Certification of Information Security Management System (ISMS)

Module 7: Mock Interviews - Career and Business Coaching

Measure Module 2:

Business coaching on IT and Cybersecurity (part-time, 16 weeks).
Language Support Module: Continuous, cross-module language support on IT and Cybersecurity.

Module 1: Job market analysis and job application preparation

Module 2: Specialization in risk management according to ISO/IEC 31000

Module 3: Specialization in Lead Audit according to ISO/IEC 27001

Course duration

33 weeks

Course documents

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CS VISOR has specialized as a company for security solutions and as a modern educational institution in cyber security. Our mission ranges from the novelty of innovative cyber security solutions for companies to further training measures funded by employment agencies and job centers to the recruitment of our successful graduates.

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