Our cooperation

Our cooperation

We support our graduates and build the bridge between our partner companies or other companies looking for candidates.


CS VISOR Career Services offers graduates the opportunity to continue gaining hands-on experience in the company by completing internships after course completion. This allows graduates to gain valuable work experience.


CS VISOR Career Services helps students and graduates network with HR decision makers or C-level employees to build a level of trust and get to know companies better before they even apply to them.

Mentoring Programs:

CS VISOR Career Services offers mentoring programs to graduates to help them with career development/planning. You will have the exclusive opportunity to learn from experienced employees and receive valuable feedback.

IT Security Fairs:

CS VISOR Career Services appreciates IT security trade shows and informs graduates about current trade show dates in order to establish direct contact with companies and thus build a personal level with personnel decision makers. 

Social Media:

CS VISOR Career Services recommends graduates establish a presence on social media channels to strengthen their self-expression skills. This is where you participate in online events or research relevant cybersecurity articles.

We have confidence in our Cybersecurity Analyst training and in your talents. You've learned all the cybersecurity topics and have a focus. Keep your eye on the prize. All you have to do is present yourself with your soft and technical skills.

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CS VISOR has specialized as a company for security solutions and as a modern educational institution in cyber security. Our mission ranges from the novelty of innovative cyber security solutions for companies to further training measures funded by employment agencies and job centers to the recruitment of our successful graduates.

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