Vulnerability management

Vulnerability management

CS VISOR helps organizations identify, prioritize and remediate vulnerabilities in your system and networks.

Our proven vulnerability scanning solutions

Our vulnerability scan follows a precisely defined process flow. With it, you will be able to manage your vulnerabilities effortlessly.   

1. Define rules of engagement.

Define systems, networks, and IP addresses for testing during vulnerability assessment and contain their environments so that parts of the network not intended for testing are not impacted within the test periods. For this purpose:

-Prepare compliance.
-Determine location of internal scanner.
-Define required external access and other rules that might affect the testing process.

3. Establish results.

Record all results appropriately on a report, including required briefings.

2. perform vulnerability scan.

Use modern vulnerability testing systems suitable for the test. Use multiple tools if necessary. Check results of applications afterwards to see if configuration requires change for retesting.

4. request assistance with mitigation.

Provide additional mitigation assistance, including information on patches or other mitigation controls appropriate for the customer environment.

Security solutions

Security solutions

Secure your IT infrastructure with proactive threat hunting.
CS VISOR Security Services is happy to advise you on Cyber Threat Intelligence, Phishing Protection, Managed Services, and Information Security Training.



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Career service

Career service

Cybersecurity Analyst, Incident Responder, Penetration Tester, Ethical Hacker, or Security Audit according to ISO 27001. Find the best candidate for your company with CS VISOR. Success with a special concept.

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CS VISOR has specialized as a company for security solutions and as a modern educational institution in cyber security. Our mission ranges from the novelty of innovative cyber security solutions for companies to further training measures funded by employment agencies and job centers to the recruitment of our successful graduates.

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